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How decluttering changed my life

Literally. Changed my entire life. Let me tell you how...

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I have always been known to be the person who is "too busy" to put her things back where she found them. Mainly because I'm always running Late, but also partially because I honestly just son't think about it. I've been this way for as long as I can remember so, just like any habit you're trying to change, it's going to be hard and take some time. So here's what I started with first to change.

Enrolling my Husband help.

“Hey can you help hold me accountable to something?”

It's literally that easy. All you have to do is ASK your family member or friend who frequents your house quite regularly to help remind you to put things back where you got them out of. It's literally that simple. I also put sticky notes on my mirrors, inside of cabinets, and also set reminders on my phone to remind me to pick up after myself.

Let's get to the root problem though.

Over the years of trying to become a neat and organized person, mainly to please my husband and avoid arguing, I found something that I needed to do first, and that was to get rid of ANYTHING I wasn't CURRENTLY using. Yea... I know. That gives me anxiety just typing it, but it's true. You don't have to have so many shirts and make up brushes, shoes, purses, vitamins, books, toothbrushes! Like why did I have 4 toothbrushes in the drawer? It's those little things that you get rid of that make you feel free & alive. NOT kidding. So

Start with one room.

What room is bothering you right now as you read this? Which room is just overwhelming and bogging you down? That's the room to start with. Now maybe it's because it's the messiest, but maybe it's not. That's okay. Just pick a room and get to work. You need a garbage bag for garbage (anything broken, ripped, stained, worn out, etc.) and a bag for anything you want to donate. DON'T TRY TO SELL STUFF. Gosh, please... whatever you do, just donate and pitch. Donate and pitch. Donate and pitch. After the "stuff" has been gone through, now the fun part is organizing!

Get Inspired.

I went to the dollar store and bought $1 bins to help organize my drawers, cabinets, closets, and even underneath my bed. You can find tons of inspiration on YouTube, like this video here: here or even on Pinterest so get out there and start looking. The by product you will receive from doing just even one room today is that you will feel lighter. You will feel less-stressed out. You will feel like you have a little more mental capacity, and you will feel slightly happier. You can do it. Just start small, I believe in you.

XOXO Tarryn


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